An Interview With Former Innovations Member, Hannah Dixon

This week I interviewed an former Innovations member, Hannah Dixon. Hannah is a Liberty Alumni that graduated in May of 2015. She grew in Indianapolis, Indiana. After visiting Liberty her senior year of high-school she decided that this was the place for her; in fact, she liked it so much that it’s the only school she applied for. She went on to study public relations and minor in global studies. She decided to join Innovations in her last year of school and worked as the Communications Director. She oversaw social media and blogging as well as internal communication in general. I think what Hannah has to say is very encouraging for those of you who are currently a part of Innovations and are wondering where life will take you next. I also think she has some wisdom to share that would benefit any college student. I hope you enjoy this interview.

Why did you join Innovations?

  “Innovations caught my interest because I desired to apply what I was learning in the classroom to real-life scenarios. It was a great way to meet new people within my major and learn the practical skills of PR. Innovations was conducting interviews for several positions and the position of Communications Director seemed most fitting for what I was interested in doing in the future. My favorite part of Innovations was the team aspect of it all. From start to finish, you were working with one another to see goals become a reality for clients.”
What did you do after school? “After graduation, I joined International Justice Mission in Manila, Philippines as a Church and Community Mobilization Intern. Currently, I work for a HR tech startup called BetterWorks as a Communications Generalist.”

Did Innovations help prepare you for life after school?

“Looking back, Innovations definitely helped prepare me for where I am today. For example, when I was responsible for tracking weekly engagement analytics - it seems redundant and mundane - that couldn’t be further from the truth. I now track analytics on a daily basis and I see that it is of the utmost importance. Answering questions like: where are we currently on all social fronts and where do we want to be in the future? By using analytics, you are able to track your progress and goals in order to achieve what you set out to accomplish.” “Another way that Innovations prepared me for where I am today, is by teaching me to PAY ATTENTION TO DETAIL. In any field, especially Public Relations, paying attention to detail is key. Double checking your work may seem like an elementary idea, but when posting a blog post, going live with social media, or pitching a press release to a journalist, detail is so important to ensure your point is being made in the best and most concise way possible.”

What advice do you have for people during and after school?

  “For those of you still in school: stop caring about what others think of you, and what they think of the future you are currently dreaming about. This sounds cliche, I get it, but there are more people than you think who are paralyzed by self-doubt about what they really believe they are called to do after school. Second, it’s ok to have no idea what you want do in the future. People lie because, guess what, most people have NO clue what they want to be when they grow up (including those who have already graduated). But, do not let that truth stop you from stepping into the opportunities God has placed before you right now. Get your hands dirty and get your feet wet. This is the time to try new things and experiment with different interests you may have career wise.”  “I can’t lie, I didn’t handle my first year out of school so gracefully. I was halfway around the world as I was watching my best friends together on a daily basis via snapchat and Instagram. I had a serious case of FOMO. Nobody tells you how lonely post-grad life can be. Wow, this makes you so excited to graduate huh? Well, the story doesn’t stop there. One thing I wish I would have been told is this: it takes time to cultivate deep friendships, community, and belonging in a new place after graduation. It’s supposed to take time! I am now two years out of college and some of my absolute best friends are those I have met post-grad. I truly believe the best days are always ahead.”

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