Top Skills for Public Relations Students: Writing

It’s crucial for college students to begin the process of developing marketable skills that add value to a potential employer’s organization.  The task of deciding how to best use the spare time and energy not dedicated to classes and social life can be daunting.  The team at Innovations PR is here to help you make the most of your time in college by identifying what skills will help you land that dream job and pointing you to resources for developing those skills.  This is the first in a five part series where we will break down which skills will most impress employers, why they matter and what you can do to grow your skill set.


Why Writing Skills Matter

Being a skilled writer can go a long way in impressing a hiring manager.  In marketing and communications, excellent written communication skills can allow you to make substantial contributions in curating social media content, drafting press releases, writing copy for marketing campaigns and more.  Being a polished writer gives a potential employer the sense that you are competent and able to tackle tasks assigned to you.


How to Develop Writing Skills

Start writing.  It’s well-established that practice is a crucial part of developing strong writing skills.  Amandah Tayler Blackwell, of, suggests flexing your writing muscles by committing to write a certain amount each day or week as a strategy for improving your writing.  While practice writing in the field of marketing is ideal, any form of writing can be helpful if it is being edited and critiqued to facilitate growth.  Expressing your thoughts in writing, whether you start a blog only you know exists or submit your work to a major publication, can help with the process of developing a voice and growing your skills.

Read voraciously.  Reading the work of experienced writers, be it a classic novel or a press release about a new marketing campaign being launched by Coca-Cola, can help with developing the ability to distinguish between good and bad writing.  Consider putting yourself on the email list for online news sources like the Washington Post or the New York Times and regular check websites that always have content about advertising and public relations, like Mashable and AdAge.  Following sources like Mashable and AdAge will keep you updated on industry trends and provide excellent examples of good writing.


Resources for Developing Writing Skills

If you are just getting started with writing, your peers can be a great source of feedback about a blog or journal you might not be ready to share with the world.  If you are a student at Liberty University and want to use writing assignments for a class as an opportunity to improve your writing skills the Undergraduate Writing Center is the place to take your essays and term papers for proofreading and editing.  Online resources for improving your writing, like the 34 different online tools recommended by Hubspot, can be an excellent supplement to university resources.  Learning to be a better writer can seem intimidating, but if you work hard and stay dedicated, you will see significant improvement in your writing and your job prospects.

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